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Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability Ambassador

October 23, 2020

Kinectrics is pleased to announce that we are an Ambassador for the Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability (CCNS), where we will help advance innovative and sustainable solutions for the nuclear life cycle. The centre has been launched by Ontario Power Generation to support the end of commercial operations at the Pickering Nuclear Station and will support solutions for minimizing nuclear materials and recycling clean materials, while developing sustainable solutions for the industry, environment and community.

Kinectrics will bring together multi-disciplinary teams to develop high value, innovative decommissioning and waste management solutions to the CCNS. 

Staff will bring value to specific key areas of the CCNS:

  • Regulatory and Licensing experience
  • Best practices and OPEX from Canadian & International utilities
  • Proven Waste and Decommissioning planning and strategy
  • Radiochemistry analysis, and expertise in health physics
  • Technically strong, qualified Engineering expertise for plant modification and layup
  • Treatment technologies for contaminated waste (Resins, mixed waste, Heavy Water)
  • Experience in Decommissioning, Nuclear Waste, and Repositories


We look forward to leading solutions in the nuclear industry through this partnership.​