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IMPORTANT NOTICE - Fraudulent Claims

December 08, 2014

In a competitive international marketplace, individual manufacturers or other agents may purport to offer products, either indirectly through contract bidding, or directly for sale, as having been tested or otherwise qualified by Kinectrics—when in fact the referenced products have never been reviewed by Kinectrics.

Kinectrics is an established (over 100 years), reputable organization providing advanced inspection, certification, and testing services to the electricity industry. As a minimum, all work at Kinectrics is performed to meet the requirement of ISO 9001 and adherence to the QMI standard provides one of the strongest assurances of quality available. Specific testing services are also provided by Kinectrics under a number of stringent quality assurance programs including ISO Standard 17025, N285 QA and TSSA certifications, among others. 

As a member in good standing in the ISO 9001 and other quality standards programs, Kinectrics maintains rigorous documentation / records for work performed, which may be accessed or verified as required.

At Kinectrics, our reputation for technical excellence is a top priority. We welcome inquiries from individuals or organizations that may be concerned about the veracity of test reports, data or other technical documentation presented to them as having originated from Kinectrics.