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Kinectrics Expands Services for Nuclear Maintenance

December 13, 2016

The Kinectrics Nuclear Parts Qualification Group has developed a customized charging and maintenance service specifically designed for battery bank systems used in the nuclear industry. The solution was built to meet rigorous maintenance procedures and industry standards and includes both Commercial Grade Dedication services and component inspections at manufacturing facilities.
This Kinectrics initiative was designed to serve an industry need to have battery banks available in offsite storage to meet nuclear station demand for supply under short timelines.
Kinectrics was commissioned for the work as a result of its commitment to quality, and ability to deliver and document complete product records to ensure the customer has confidence in the supply of this important product.
A defined space with dedicated HVAC controls and an associated electrical supply necessary to store and charge the NiCad battery banks has been established by Kinectrics in its large mechanical testing  facilities.

Kinectrics has a long history of success in providing specialized maintenance programs for many of our nuclear clients.