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Kinectrics Joins FlashCert™ in Expansion of International PPE Certification Services

September 14, 2015

An informal agreement has been reached among ArcWear, BTTG, Kinectrics, and SEI to provide a one-stop-shop for the international testing and certification of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Working together under the FlashCert™ brand, ArcWear, BTTG, Kinectrics and SEI, offer complete certification services for arc flash and flash fire testing—worldwide.
Under the new agreement, ArcWear is the lead provider with responsibility for initial client contact to determine testing requirements and, the appropriation of technical services needed to meet the necessary certification standards.
Full ANSI / ISEA 125 arc flash certification (Level 1-3) is available through the consortium. Group members also provide a wide range of individual tests for ASTM, IEC, NFPA, CSA, CGSB, ISO and other designations.
Kinectrics Inc. has been providing client-focused, accredited ISO 17025 arc flash testing of PPE to ASTM and IEC standards for over 20 years.  http://www.kinectrics.com/solutions/pages/high-current-testing-lab.aspx
ArcWear is the longest running arc flash specialty textile testing company in the world, with representation on the US, EU, China and South African standards bodies, and a resident consultant in Brazil. http://www.Arcwear.com
BTTG Testing & Certification Limited has almost 100 years of expertise in textiles and related products. With notified body status, BTTG has the capability to independently test and certify PPE against a wide range of heat, flame and physical performance standards. https://www.bttg.co.uk/
Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) is the only non-profit, ISO 17065 accredited, US-based certification body for arc flash and flash fire.  http://www.seinet.org/
For more information on starting a FlashCert™ testing program, visit http://www.Arcwear.com/flashcert, or e-mail: [email protected]