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Kinectrics LAM Group Builds on LineVue™ Success

November 18, 2016

The Kinectrics Line Asset Management Group continues to build on the success of its advanced LineVue™ tool for in situ conductor inspection.  Expanding worldwide deployment of LineVue™ includes the completion of a recent 6-week conductor asset condition project in Belgium.
Further growth in this area of Kinectrics transmission and distribution business has been achieved based on using original LineVue™ technology for the development of Kinectrics’ JointVue. JointVue is a sophisticated sensor capable of detecting minute changes in cross-sections of steel stranding and is ideally suited to monitoring conductor quality and construction integrity.  It is used for conductor inspection at the manufacturing stage.
In the past 2 years the LAM group also produced Kinectrics Conductor Temperature Probe, which is a sensor system capable of measuring the surface temperature of bare overhead conductors. The Conductor Temperature Probe (CTP) is a practical tool designed for use by line crews. The CTP can be applied during field maintenance to determine the relation between conductor sag measurements and surface temperature.