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Kinectrics Provides Key Support for Advanced Reactor Development

November 27, 2014

Over the past five years, Kinectrics has participated, directly and indirectly, in numerous critical and complex Equipment Qualification (EQ) test programs to support AP1000® reactor development and deployment worldwide.

In this ongoing endeavour, Kinectrics has worked successfully with Westinghouse Electric Company, and 27 other OEMs, on over 75 EQ projects. The scope of nuclear equipment qualified by Kinectrics includes: actuators, valves, switches, cables, conduits, penetrations, regulators, relays, oils / greases and many other components.

The new Westinghouse AP1000® commercial reactor design is a clean, green energy base load power plant system considered vital for the replacement of aging domestic power infrastructure.
Major developers and manufacturers rely on Kinectrics’ unique test capabilities and expert technical support as a key supplier to prove and qualify the design of nuclear equipment. Rigorous EQ testing of components is critical to ensure nuclear plants operate safely, legally, and efficiently.
Now, as the first AP1000® plants near completion, Kinectrics remains proud of its ongoing association with Westinghouse Electric Company and, our unique contribution to the successful development and deployment of this important technology.