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Kinectrics Service Line Leader to Present at EUCI 2016

January 07, 2016

At the EUCI 2016 Conference January 21-22, 2016, Hassan Younes, BSEE and Service Line Leader from the Kinectrics TDT group, will present a paper entitled "Advantages of AC Resonance Testing for Transmission Class Cable".

Hassan Younes has extensive experience as a senior manager and technical lead for numerous projects involving Kinectrics’ Resonant Test Systems (RTS).  He currently leads a group of engineering professionals and specialists who deploy Kinectrics RTS units worldwide for HV underground cable commissioning testing combined with a state-of-the art Daisy Chained Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring system.

Younes’ EUCI presentation will detail AC resonance testing and its key advantages for transmission class cable installations. Detailed examples will be reviewed along with the benefits of technologies using resonance test systems combined with Partial Discharge (PD) diagnostics.
Younes has also been a key participant in national and international seminars on HV cable testing as well as Kinectrics training courses related to cable and PD diagnostics. 

The EUCI 2016 Conference will engage attendees in examples of recent underground projects and their challenges and lessons learned, as well as technological advancements and the challenges facing future projects.