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Kinectrics Successfully Completes 40 km Hybrid HV Cable Testing

December 14, 2016

Kinectrics recently completed the successful testing of a hybrid transmission cable system (3 cables land and subsea) over 40 km in length rated at 220 kV-230 kV phase to phase terminated between a transmission substation to a remote GIS substation on an offshore platform. This complex project in Europe included both AC Hi-Pot testing and Partial Discharge (PD) diagnosis.
Using six (6) ResonanceTest Systems (RTS) connected in a parallel configuration and an additional control feeding unit powered by 4.5 MVA of diesel generators, Kinectrics applied 227 kV phase-to-ground equivalent to1.7Uo of test voltage on the cables for 60 minutes in compliance with IEC 62067 standards.
Kinectrics also used a synchronized daisy-chained PD monitoring system, configured via the multimode optical fiber cables, to monitor and record PD activity on the land cable section accessories.
At the remote platform termination on the GIS, located approximately 40 km offshore, Kinectrics also employed a real-time PD monitoring system to record and diagnose PD activity on the cables using local 4G LTE network.