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Kinectrics Team Remove High Radiation Source

February 10, 2014

In January 2014, the Kinectrics' Robotic Tooling and Field Services Team remotely removed a high radiation source from a boiler drain line at a nuclear power plant. This project built upon Kinectrics' leading-edge expertise in robotics tooling used in a groundbreaking  project in 2010, which successfully removed a radiation source with a dose rate of 300,000 rem/h at 1 cm.

The remote tooling, designed and manufactured by Kinectrics, efficiently navigated hundreds of feet through plant infrastructure to pinpoint the radiation source, cut cladding and remove insulation, extract piping, and safely retrieve the source for long-term disposal.

Kinectrics specializes in advanced remote tooling for high radiation areas. Our team of over 70 engineers and technicians has dedicated experience in building, designing and deploying components and tooling for CANDU, PWR and BWR reactors. Zoned, in-house facilities at Kinectrics also accommodate servicing of these unique tools between outages, and maintain them in a state of readiness for rapid deployment.

Recognized worldwide as the leading industry experts in nuclear inspection robotics, the Kinectrics team provides effective solutions to even the most complex technical problems requiring radiation hardened tooling.