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Kinectrics and ArcWear Team to Provide Expanded Arc Testing Services

September 11, 2015

Kinectrics and ArcWear have recently signed a teaming and development agreement to provide clients with faster, easier access to arc testing services for protective apparel. The new agreement enables Kinectrics and ArcWear to offer an expanded, unparalled level of support to help clients expedite product development and get standard testing done more quickly.

Clients may choose to contact the ArcWear specialists directly to make all the sample preparation and arc test schedule arrangements. ArcWear provides a variety of services for textile analysis to comply with ISO, ANSI and NFPA requirements. Samples requiring arc rating are then transported to the Kinectrics High Current Lab under controlled conditions for testing to determine the ATPV, Ebt and HAF. Alternatively, clients requiring only arc testing can continue to contract those services directly with Kinectrics. 
High Current Lab testing specialists from the Kinectrics Transmission and Distribution group have been working with Hugh Hoagland`s ArcWear company for over 20 years, to bring the highest quality testing for Arc flash PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Working together, the Kinectrics and ArcWear expert teams deliver the best FR textile arc testing services available—backed by decades of research-based insight like no other lab in the world.  

Kinectrics Inc. is recognized worldwide for its advanced specialized testing facilities staffed by expert technical personnel, who provide a complete range of arc hazard and other electrical testing services.  
ArcWear is a leader in FR textile technologies, sample preparation, and industrial safety requirements, which operates with a fully-accredited laboratory for textile testing, preparation and fiber analysis.
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