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New Kinectrics Fence Design to Improve Power Station Security

September 23, 2014

Kinectrics has recently upgraded its PowerKage non-electric fence design to improve security for substations, power facilties, and other industrial sites vulnerable to human or animal intrusion. The new advanced PowerKage design features have made it significantly more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain acccess to power facilties. The fence component materials are now more rigid and much sharper, forming a strong deterrent to climbing.

This latest advance in 2014 follows on the original PowerKage design, an innovative non-electric fence first developed in 2003 to prevent ground access by squirrels, raccoons and other small animals to electrical equipment in substations. The PowerKage fence has proven highly effective in the past decade in eliminating a common and costly cause of power outages at installations across North America.  

In addition to specific security barriers to protect against hunan intrusion, the 2014 PowerKage model also features expanded metal panels as enhanced anti-dig barriers against burrowing animals.

An easily configurable system, PowerKage can be customized, or retrofitted, to suit most security fence applications.