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Nuclear Power - Building a Strong Future on Past Success

June 26, 2012

In June 2012, the nuclear industry passes the 50-year mark in providing Canada with an important source of power for the electrical grid.

A small group of technological partners that included AECL, Canadian General Electric and Ontario Hydro initiated and developed the fledgling industry—that began in 1962 with the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) Reactor—into the many elements and organizations that comprise the nuclear business today.

Throughout its own history, Kinectrics has been a key participant in that success. From its inception as the R&D Division of the former Ontario Hydro in 1912 and through its predecessor companies, Kinectrics has continued to support the advancement and growth of nuclear technology—both in Canada and worldwide.

Today, Kinectrics remains committed to providing the reliable technical expertise and specialized facilities the nuclear industry will need as it faces increasingly difficult technological and social challenges in a world of accelerating change.