Kinectrics’ origins can be traced to 1912 as the technical and research division of Ontario Hydro, a major Canadian electrical utility founded on hydroelectric power, which eventually grew at one point into the largest electrical utility in North America—covering generation from nuclear, fossil, hydroelectric, and renewable sources, as well as transmission and distribution.

From its one-workshop beginnings as Ontario Hydro Research Division (OHRD), Kinectrics has focused on the development and application of advanced technologies for the power industry.

In the 1990s, provincial policy resulted in the demerger and re-organization of Ontario Hydro into a number of companies. OHRD was also re-organized, first as Ontario Hydro Technologies (OHT), and eventually Ontario Power Technologies (OPT), under the demerged generation company, Ontario Power Generation (OPG).


In recent years Kinectrics has doubled its revenue and grown its staff to pre-demerger levels. Part of the Kinectrics growth strategy includes commercialization of its valuable intellectual property.

In 2009, Kinectrics acquired Candesco Corporation of Toronto, Ontario. This initiative greatly expanded Kinectrics’ expertise in nuclear regulatory and licensing consulting, safety assessment, radiation and environmental protection, and operational safety support.

In 2010, Kinectrics opened a new branch office in Pickering, Ontario to enhance and expedite qualified technical support for Ontario's existing and future nuclear generation infrastructure in the Pickering and Darlington areas. 

In 2017, Kinectrics acquired Wood's Nuclear America and Romania business. The purchase doubled the size of Kinectrics and strengthened its offerings to customers in Canada and internationally. Bringing together complementary teams and capabilities enhanced Kinectrics' nuclear portfolio in key areas of engineering design, risk assessment, safety and licensing and on-site life cycle management. The acquisition has allowed Kinectrics to take on larger, more complex projects with a wider scope, closing the loop from initial concept through to deployment, in order to meet the evolving needs of nuclear utilities in North American​ and CANDU reactors worldwide. 


Kinectrics is a new, entrepreneurial company—but one with a record of over 100 years of technical excellence and innovation, a tradition that continues to this day. The company continues to grow, with staff who thrive on challenges that others find daunting, and succeeds where investment in the future—in facilities, capability, and people—provides a touchstone for its vision. 

From initial design and type testing to operational deployment and maintenance services, Kinectrics collaborates closely with customers to ensure that utility assists​ perform safely, reliably, and efficiently throughout their entire life cycle. ​​​