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Assessment of Stored Nuclear Waste Containers

A comprehensive program to assess ash, sludge, resin containers and drums

As part of the client's ongoing program on the aging management of storage structures and containers, Kinectrics performed an assessment of the client's containers stored inside Low Level Storage Buildings (LLSB) at their facility.

Kinectrics PWU staff worked closely with the client at the site to survey the general condition of retrieved containers inside the LLSB and recorded observations pertaining to their degradation.

An extensive visual, ultrasonic, and sampling program was carried out in order to assess ash, sludge, resin containers and drums. 

Wall loss data was developed for the ash, resin and sludge galvanized steel containers and their service life predicted based on statistical extreme-value analysis (EVA). The mechanism of failure for the galvanized ash containers was determined and recommendations for improved materials of construction were made.

Cut-outs of containers were also obtained and samples were collected from within containers and corroded drums. Samples were analyzed, and via photographic and metallographic examinations an overall assessment of drum and container integrity was made.

Based on this assessment, a summary of the general condition of various types of containers was provided and reommendations were made.