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Commmercial Grade Dedication for Outage Support

Providing Reliable Commercial Grade Dedication Services to Meet a Challenging Schedule

Project Objective

Kinectrics' customer in the United States was faced with an unscheduled outage to replace several critical fuses that had suddenly failed at the same time in the field.

Scope of Work

Personnel from Kinectrics immediately began working with the customer to define the utility’s technical requirements and provide full 24/7 support. The expedited work was coordinated and scheduled among multiple departments within Kinectrics to receive, test, dedicate, and ship qualified fuses to support the client’s outage. 


The Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) work included comprehensive testing in Kinectrics’ high voltage / high current labs including short circuit testing at 5 kV and 10,000 amps with complete waveform analysis, as well as rigorous assessment by Kinectrics’ nuclear services group to prove acceptability of the replacement units.  


Project Results

The Kinectrics’ team, led by a world-renowned fuse failure expert on staff, was able to successfully execute a full Commercial Grade Dedication program in less than 48 hours.
Direct Client Benefits
Kinectrics delivered the project our customer needed—a quick turnkey solution that produced results—while enabling the customer to avoid straining their internal resources. The client received high quality fuses delivered on time and on budget, which also met strict industry requirements under the 10 CFR Appendix B Quality Assurance Program.


Less than 24 hours later Kinectrics was engaged again by the utility in the US to perform forensic testing and analysis on the failed fuses that had been pulled from the plant. 

The combination of Kinectrics’ unique testing and analysis capabilities deployed for our customer delivered the needed solution within the critical unscheduled outage window.