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Smart Grid Technologies - A Case Study

Expert Capabilities to Deliver Reliable Accurate Test Results

Kinectrics was contracted to test the client’s rail transportation power supply substation, a new product developed to support and advance green technology.


Scope of work

Kinectrics provided the client with a broad range of expert technical services to complete testing of the transport converter. In addition to the equipment and facilities required, project deliverables included:
  • A suitable test facility for 60 Hz testing
Supply capacity over 5 MVA at medium- and low-voltage
Over 5 MVA of low voltage DC
7.5 MVA of DC load banks
Protection, controls, and test automation
State-of-the-art instrumentation and data acquisition
  • A detailed test plan
  • All data and measurements collected during testing
  • A detailed test report

The test plan, equipment specifications and layout, procedures, and schedule were designed and planned by Kinectrics to meet all client specifications. Most of the testing was performed at Kinectrics head office site in Toronto, Canada and the project testing scope included: 

  • Temperature Rise tests
  •  Output Characteristics tests
  • Acoustic Noise Tests
  • Short Circuit Tests
  • Safety Requirements Tests
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests


The test facility was designed and constructed in less than 6 months. The testing was performed to the client’s satisfaction and all test results complied with the client’s original specifications.
The client received highly-detailed documentation for Kinectrics’ work on the project, including Records of Testing and all measurements / data recorded during testing of the transport converter. he client has awarded Kinectrics a subsequent testing project to test a similar substation at higher power levels.