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Compressor Testing and Qualification

Pressure Boundary Component Testing to Meet Evolving Industry Standards

Project Objective

The client required testing and nuclear industry certification of pressure boundary components for replacement compressors. The work assigned to Kinectrics on this project was previously performed by an OEM which no longer exists.   

Kinectrics capabilities 
Kinectrics has the appropriate Certificate of Authorization (C of A) from the TSSA to complete all aspects of the work. In addition, Kinectrics was able to meet new TSSA requirements recently distributed to all C of A holders. Kinectrics can perform a full gap analysis of the old design and current ASME BPVC requirements and work with fabricators to develop a form-fit-function replacement.
Scope of work 

In qualifying the components, Kinectrics procured pedigree material to meet ASME Section III Subsection ND standards and submit a detailed design registration package to the TSSA.

Testing by Kinectrics included the following, which was witnessed by TSSA representatives:
·         Dimensional inspection of pressure boundary components
·         Assembly of the diaphragm compressor
·         Pneumatic test to confirm the pressure boundary integrity
Client benefits
The client achieved reliable timely replacement of compressor equipment / components that have become increasingly unavailable in the commercial market. The assembly and product certification work at Kinectrics' Mechanical Testing Laboratory both met TSSA requirements and facilitated early delivery of fully-qualified components to the client.