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Conditional Release Pathways Analysis

Expert waste management services to meet nuclear industry standards

Kinectrics undertook a major project to release mixed liquid waste drums from the client's site and ship them to Kinectrics where the waste would be processed to reduce the level of tritium before  shipment to an incineration disposal facility.

Kinectrics performed a pathways analysis for the waste drums to satisfy the dose criteria set out in Section 5.1 of the Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Regulation as well as the administrative procedures set out in the CNSC regulatory document R-85.

Kinectrics' work on this project involved the following:

A pathways analysis to demonstrate that the client could release and dispose of its mixed liquid wastes (aqueous liquids, oils and solvents containing low levels of radioactivity) in compliance with CNSC regulations

  • Assessed doses to workers and members of the general public

Established conditional release levels for these radioactive wastes in order to justify the release, transportation and disposal (via incineration) of material found to be below these conditional clearance levels.

  • Performed dose calculation for the transportation of these wastes 

Prepared the report documenting the results to meet CNSC requirements, and for submission to the CNSC in support of an application to conditionally release the drums for disposal.