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Disposal of Low and Intermediate Level Waste: A Techno-Economic Assessment

Determining the best option for the treatment, conditioning and packaging for disposal of low and intermediate level waste

​Kinectrics performed a techno-economic assessment of the available options for a new facility to treat and condition radioactive wastes and to recommend the preferred scenario for operation of this international facility.

A large number of processes for treatment and conditioning of radioactive wastes were screened to identify viable processes for each waste stream. These options were subsequently consolidated for the entire plant by minimizing the required numbe of unit operations. A total of 9 plant options were developed.

Detailed costing of the various options was undertaken considering the volumetric generation rates for the various wastes. Capital costs were based on data from previous procurement. Design, engineering, installation and commissiioning costs were incorporated based on fracitons of relevant building and process plant costs. Operating costs were calculated based on 30 years of operation. The Net Present Value (NPV) for each option was calculated.

An optioneering assessment was completed considering the estimated NPV values and other criteria, namely:  technical and project, design, environmental, health and safety, regularory, and social and economic impacts.

For each option, scores between 0 and 10 were assigned against each criterion and the sum of weighted scores was calculated.

One option was identified as being the most cost-effective for this facility.