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Human Performance at Kinectrics

An Initiative Proven to Reduce Human Error, Diminish Events, and Improve Overall Performance

Human Performance (HU) and Event Free Tools

Human performance and event-free tools define a set of behaviours that help individuals as well as work teams to: anticipate, prevent, or diminish negative implications to people, facility, or environment.  

Use a set of behaviours that enables workers to maintain positive control of a work situation. This helps ensure activities occur as planned and what is intended to happen is all that happens.
Striving for excellence in HU at Kinectrics has resulted in significant quantitative improvements in Safety, Quality, Productivity and Customer Satisfaction. 

A Focus on Continuous Improvement

The Kinectrics HU program has been developed in accordance with INPO standards as the subsequent phase of a company-wide continuous improvement initiative.  

Kinectrics strives to achieve event-free operation by usage of:
  • Logging, Analysis & Trending of HU non-conformance reports to detect areas for improvement
  • Observation, Mentoring & Coaching to strengthen behaviours and realign deviations from the standard
  • Dynamic Learning Activities to reinforce the use of Event-free tools
  • Traffic Light Alerts to facilitate the sharing of OPEX and Lessons Learned in response to an event resulting from human error or inadequate defenses
  • Reporting & Documenting positive implementation of HU to encourage employee buy-in and adoption
  • Visual Management Boards as a tool to promote communication of top priorities and monthly HU areas of focus at a Project, Service Line and Department level
  • HU Investigations to identify potential process advancements
  • HU Basic Training for all new staff and students

Industry Involvement and Program Development


Kinectrics has taken an active role in several industry ventures such as: HU Primer days at Bruce Power, Supplier HU and Nuclear Safety Culture Focus Groups, and a Utility and Supplier HU Foundation Course Development Project. In addition, Kinectrics was selected to participate in the first ever Vendor Leadership Culture Assessment piloted by Bruce Power. 


Kinectrics is continually taking steps to advance and optimize the HU program. Some upcoming initiatives include:

  • Implementation of an observation and coaching record database to increase the frequency and effectiveness of workplace observations
  • Roll-out of Knowledge Worker HU training with a focus on prevention and detection of Latent Errors
  • Roll-out of Defenses and Risk Management training to continue to promote Kinectrics’ focus on safe, event-free work practices