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Large Volume Dedication and Assembly

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Reliable High Volume Dedication

Maintaining traceability of subcomponents used in safety-related assemblies is key to providing qulity deiverables.

For this project a Kinectrics Inc. US customer needed assemblies produced from tens of thousands of subcomponents.  Each individual piece of the assembly required direct traceability to the manufacturing source and date of manufacture.

Assembly into the end product also required controlled assembly and final acceptance testing.  

The Kinectrics Solution

  • Kinectrics dedicated approximately 10,000 square feet of the Kinectrics Inc. US facility in Cincinnati to perform detailed receipt inspection and staging to support piece part dedication, assembly, acceptance testing, packaging and shipment.
  • Over 2,500 assemblies were produced and shipped to the customer from Cincinnati ahead of the tight schedule that was necessary to support the customer's train outages for installation of key modifications at their site.

Qualified Staff / Flexible Facilities

 The Kinectrics Inc. US facilitiy has the reliable, qualified staff and flexibiity to devote to unique and time-sensitive customer needs to ensure the highest quality and timely delivery of critical nuclear safety-related assemblies.

At the same time, KIinectrics is able to maintain positive traceability for each customer component to its respective point and time of manufacture.

Direct Client Benefits

The client gained assurance that despite the large volume of components involved, appropriate qualification processes and documentation were maintained throughout, to ensure components were produced in full compliance with nuclear Equipment Qualification and Quality Assurance requirements.