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Low and Medium Voltage Cable Qualification

Full Service Cable Qualification for Manufacturers and the Nuclear Industry

Project Objective

A large North American cable manufacturer wanted to qualify a complete line of low and medium cables for use in nuclear facilities. The objective of the project was to select the best formulation, and create a test matrix, which could encompass many plant environments.

Scope of Work

From this set of cables, a number of qualification tests were initiated, which presented challenges—specifically related to thermal aging and Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) Testing.

  • Thermal aging oven requirements
  • The size of LOCA chambers
  • How to accommodate the large number of cables
  • Allocation of an adequate storage location for the one-year submergence testing
  • Providing electrical excitation and monitoring for the number of cables involved

A Successful Kinectrics Solution

In addition to the broad scope of work required, the client had set out an aggressive schedule for completion of the project. Kinectrics dedicated a team of experienced qualification and testing personnel to the program, which facilitated continuous progress on all qualification tests.
Each original test matrix had consisted of cables of various insulation types, number and size of conductors, and shield / jacket configurations. In order to maximize capacity and expedite scheduling, custom equipment to support testing was designed, fabricated and commissioned.
Due to the sheer number of cables involved, a dedicated aging oven was commissioned to maximize the number of cables that could be aged concurrently.
At the LOCA testing stage, Kinectrics utilized chambers specifically designed for the test, to allow personnel to pre-load a set of specimens on mandrels external to the chamber, and then nest the various mandrels on the chamber lid before moving the lid into place.
Because of the number of cables under test, an in-house data acquisition solution was developed to excite the cables with voltage and current, and provide continuous insulation resistance (IR) and AC leakage current.










Direct Client Benefits

The timely and successful completion of this complex and lengthy testing project by Kinectrics resulted in the client receiving a substantial order for nuclear -qualified cables.