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Non-Nuclear Class Registration of 42 Inch Butterfly Valves

Expert Client Support for Industry Standard Component Registration
Project Objective
Kinectrics’ client purchased two identical valves from a supplier under ISO 9001 terms at a significant cost. After receipt and before installation it was determined that the valves required TSSA Registration to meet the requirements of non-nuclear Class 6.  The client’s supplier did not request any information from the OEM and was unable to proceed based on the requirements. The client contacted Kinectrics to assist in the registration process--otherwise the valves could not be used.


Scope of Work
Kinectrics' goal was to register the valves to non-nuclear class 6 requirements with the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) of Ontario. Kinectrics spoke with the supplier and asked for contacts at the OEM to request and assess the manufacturing documents to assist in the registration process. Any missing documents were the rsponsibility of Kinetrics to create. Kinectrics took reciept of the valves from the client and held a meeting witht the TSSA to determine a path forward.
Kinectrics completed an incoming inspection on the valves and documented all traceability numbers on the parts to link the valves to the documents at the OEM. Kinectrics was able to bridge the OEM's documents with their own to meet TSSA requirments for acceptability to register the valves per CSA Standard B51. Kinectrics completed a registration package with the TSSA in order to recieve a Canadian Registration Number (CRN).
Results and Client Benefits
Kinectrics was able to work with the client, the OEM and the TSSA  to register the valves according to the requirements. The project was completed on budget and schedule, thus ensuring the client could utilize their investment in the valves for the intended application in a nuclear generating plant.