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Qualification of Actuators - IEEE 382

Reliable qualification of a range or actuators in a compressed time frame

Project Objective

The client required qualification of a range of actuators under a significantly compressed schedule, requiring testing to be completed within a 6 week period, compared to the typical 12 week duration—a 50% schedule reduction.
Equipment Qualification testing of actuators was performed in accordance with IEEE 382, and included aging (thermal, radiation, cycle, and vibration), seismic testing, and DBE (Loss of Coolant Accident). Testing was completed successfully within the required timeframe by conducting extended shifts and 7 day work weeks, thus meeting the clients’ expedited schedule.
Kinectrics was selected by the client to perform the work based on its Equipment Qualification (EQ) expertise, nuclear industry knowledge, and advanced test facilities.


Scope of Work

The qualification program for this project first required preconditioning the test actuators through thermal aging, radiation aging, mechanical cycle aging, and vibration aging. Seismic testing was then performed and included OBE seismic simulation testing at 3g’s (peak) at 2 to 50 Hz using sine sweep, including resonant search followed by SSE Line-mount seismic simulation testing at 6g’s (peak) up to 50 Hz using sine beat. Finally, DBE testing was performed and consisted of subjecting the actuator to a steam environment for approximately 7 days while continuously cycling the actuator under load (torque and thrust).
A simulated load was used to emulate a valve during mechanical cycle aging, seismic testing, DBE and functional tests completed throughout the test program. A specialized fixture was constructed by Kinectrics which allowed the actuator to be subjected to the DBE steam environment, while the simulated load was mounted outside of the steam environment.
Testing was completed under Kinectrics’ QA program, which meets the requirements of Canadian and US nuclear standards (10 CFR Part 50 Appendix B, CSA N289).

Kinectrics Solution

Kinectrics developed a turnkey solution for the client that included the following:
  • Test plan development  in accordance with all technical and QA requirements
  • In-house design and fabrication of test fixtures, including penetration of actuator shaft through DBE test chamber pressure boundary
  • Development of custom data acquisition system to monitor actuator current, switch position and torque
  • Development of software to perform automated cycling of actuator during testing
  • Execution of testing and analysis of data, in accordance with customer supplied specifications, test plan, and IEEE 382
  • Test report providing assurance of qualification to the customers’ requirements 

Client Benefits

Kinectrics delivered this test program to the client on budget and within half the normal timeline utilizing a highly-skilled team comprising a project manager, mechanical/electrical engineers, and technicians. 
Kinectrics has extensive nuclear industry experience and unparalleled seismic facilities, including a single axis Random Input Motion (RIM) table, tri-axial Random Multi-Frequency (RMF) table, thermal aging test chambers, environmental test chambers, DBE LOCA pressure vessels of various sizes. Our technical expertise and advanced facilities make Kinectrics a leader in the delivery of reliable equipment qualification testing services.