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Resin Sampling and Analysis

Design, development and deployment of tooling and procedures to obtain radioactive resin samples

This project involved collection of resin samples from moderator storage tanks at a nuclear station followed by characterization via elemental and radiochemical analysis. A resin sampling tool with multiple sample compartments and work procedures were developed for collection of the samples.

An assessment of the age distribution of resins in the tank was performed based on a number of factors such as history of resin storage, annual resin accumulation rate, and physical characteristics. The information was then used to decay correct the radiochemistry data for each sub sample.

  • Development of tooling for resin sampling based on assessment of the tank dimensions and accessibility considerations
  • Development of station procedures for sampling including work, radiation protection, and safety procedures
  • Deployment of tooling and execution of sampling in the field  performed by Kinectrics staff
  • Kinectrics’ Analytical and Environmental Services Laboratory (AESL) characterized the resin samples by elemental and radiochemical analysis
  • Data generated was input into the Kinectrics Scaling Factor Database