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Safety Analysis Report - Nuclear Waste Management

Detailed safety analysis report update for a nuclear waste management facility

Kinectrics revised and updated the Safety Analysis Report (SAR) for a client's waste management area to incorporate:

  • Changes to the site since the previous SAR
  • The client's new facilities constructed to accommodate decommissioning waste
  • Procedural changes and new industry standards on scope and content

Kinectrics performed the following steps as part of this project:

  • Obtained and reviewed relevant documentation describing changes to the Waste Management Area (WMA) that had been implemented since the previous Safety Analysis Report
  • Conducted safety analyses for the incinerator, baler and the WMA site generally
  • Incorporated existing safety analyses for a new bunker and Shielded Modular Above-Ground Storage (SMAGS) buildings into the new report
  • Produced a Gap Analysis Report identifying any inconsistencies in other documents and references to the SAR that needed to be updated.