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SorbWeb™ Plus - A Case Study

In 2005, a fire and catastrophic failure of a Main Output Transformer (MOT) resulted in an oil spill at the client’s nuclear generating station location in Ontario. Some of the oil was ultimately discharged into a large local lake.

Scope of Project

This turnkey project was divided into phases. Each phase involved three main tasks: 1) SorbWeb™ Plus system design and material procurement 2) Construction, including excavation, soil disposal and SorbWeb™  Plus installation and 3) Environmental engineering, including soil sampling and testing. Kinectrics acted as the general contractor for the entire project.

Work Performed

Stones and soil were removed from around and behind the MOT units. In those areas where SorbWeb™ would have been impractical, Kinectrics installed rebar with concrete slopes towards containment system areas. Additional excavation was performed using Gradall scraping, 6“ at a time. 

Pre-cast cement blocks formed the exterior and sides of the below-grade dike of the system. Sand, the initial layer of the SorbWeb™ system, was spread and was followed by the placement of oil-resistant plastic around the entire cement perimeter and interior obstructions in order to direct any oil or water down through the SorbWeb™. Propietary layers of the SorbWeb™ system were then installed.

Finally, additional materials and fire-quenching stones completed the installation of the secondary oil containment system.

Practical Client Benefits

Kinectrics' SorbWeb™ Plus solution is an effective and reliable passive system which provides continuous protection against oil spills from transformers. It is a ”smart“ system that allows water from rainfall and / or melted snow to drain through a containment area without accumulating and at the same time, retain any oil that might leak from the transformer.

SorbWeb™  Plus provides the client with a cost-effective, no maintenance secondary oil containment system for reliable secondary management of oil spills from transformers over a long period of time.