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Spotface Tool

Expert refurbishment and maintenance capabilities used effectively to avoid the obsolescence of a key fuel channel inspection tool.

Project Background

Over time, pressure tubes in CANDU reactors are known to grow in length due to radiation-induced “creep”.

Previously, Kinectrics designed and supplied a simple and effective tool – the Spotface Tool – for accurate measurement of the creep, based on a distance measurement to the reactor spotface.

Over the last two decades, this Spotface Tool has been used successfully throughout the power generation industry. In this case, the client required Kinectrics’ expertise to reassess and refurbish the Spotface Tool for continued use.

Scope of Work

The project began with a visit to the client’s site to assess the existing tool’s condition, and to identify components requiring refurbishment or replacement.

Results determined that complete refurbishment of the Spotface Tool was required, due to the age and condition of its critical tool components.

Since direct replacements of the critical components were no longer available commercially, Kinectrics identified functionally equivalent replacements which required minimum, or no, modification to the tool.

The replacements were installed and proper operation of the Spotface Tool was verified.


This project highlights Kinectrics’ ability to support NDE Tooling products from cradle to grave, and shows the experience of our expert staff members who understood the design intent of the tool and were able to offer practical, cost-effective solutions to enable the ongoing use of an otherwise obsolescent tool for the benefit of our client.