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Aeolian Vibration Testing-An Example

Testing to verify component integrity

The Aeolian Vibration Test for transmission and distribution components is classified as an "in-service, mechanical, and mandatory test". The test objective is to verify mechanical integrity and optical performance of the OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) and supporting hardware when subjected to specified simulated vibration conditions.

Test Intent:

  • Subject OPGW and support hardware to damped Aeolian vibrations - Caused by laminar wind as it passes over bare cable
  • Fatigue damage can occur on the metal components of the cable or hardware at attachment locations
  • Optical signals may also be adversely affected
  • Systems test

Aeolian Vibration Test: Procedure

  • Vibration frequency that produced by a 4.5 m/s wind - Actual frequency shall produce standing waves and system stability
  • Target free loop p-to-p antinode amplitude 1/3 cable diameter - Maintained in 2nd free loop from suspension assembly
  • Duration = 100 million vibration cycles - for a 14.2 mm OPGW, 20 days
  • Optical measurements are recorded throughout