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Analytical Chemistry at Kinectrics – An Overview

Complete environmental, radiochemistry, organic and inorganic laboratory services.

In-Depth Expertise and an Experienced Multi-Disciplinary Staff

We offer a wide cross-section of specialized equipment not readily available in a single analytical chemistry laboratory to deal with routine, as well as specialized analyses.

Broad-based capabilities:

  • Characterization and identification of all types of materials – metal alloys, polymers, deposits, mysterious powders and vapors
  • Phase identification of various inorganic deposits.
  • Qualification of materials for specific applications and regulatory compliance
  • Troubleshooting for cause of failure (toxicity, filter clogging, )
  • Lube & insulating oil testing and diagnostics for equipment and fluid condition.
  • Blind and round-robin programs geared to generation plant laboratories.
  • Routine testing services, environmental, insulating and lubricating fluids, PCB and others.
  • Special investigations (Hg relay and other failures, insulation thermal degradation, properties of lubricating and insulating fluids; precipitation in process streams).
  • Set up of equipment, test methods and quality protocols.
  • Laboratory accreditation and operational review services.
  • Trace metals in deep marine organisms.
  • Trace radio-isotopes (gamma emitters, C-14, H-3, Sr-89/90, alpha emitters) in all types of media including biota.

Specialized services for the nuclear industry:

  • Waste characterization for shipping and incineration
  • Characterization of steam generator deposits; PWR cladding deposits
  • On-site support for boiler chemical cleans
  • Material qualification – alloys, lubricants, cleaning agents
  • Characterization of unknown deposits and materials
  • Installation of instruments and on-site training for specific methodologies
  • Isotope ratios for neutron absorbers
  • Source term characterization

Kinectrics' Analytical & Waste Services (AWS) business is now offering a new web portal at https://labresults.kinectrics.com which will provide registered customers with secure online access to their data.

Qualified Staff

Kinectrics’ analytical chemistry laboratory personnel comprise a number of highly-qualified scientists and technicians. Scientists typically hold doctoral degrees in chemistry, and have 20 years experience in chemical measurements relating to the power generation utility, and many other major industries.

Advanced Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Facilities

Kinectrics’ Analytical Chemistry Laboratory is a facility designed and built to handle non-active as well as radioactive materials. Adaptable workstations and specifically segregated areas for different work activities (e.g. sample preparation, counting or measurement, waste handling) ensure efficiency and prevent cross contamination. Radiochemical measurements are performed on inactive samples, as well as conventional measurements on radioactive materials.



  • Gamma spectrometers with hyper-pure germanium detectors
  • Liquid scintillation counters
  • Alpha spectrometers
  • Low level beta counter
  • Access to neutron activation

Conventional Instruments

  • X-ray fluorometer (Oxford). This unit handles samples up to 2mR/h without saturating the detector. Elements with an atomic number >11 are determined.
  • X-ray diffractometer (Philips). Samples with activity ~10mR/h are analyzed. ICDD database is used for phase identification.
  • ICP-MS (Varian / Bruker 820 and PE-Sciex Elan 6100 DRC. Most elements present in a reactor environment can be measured. Can determine highly active samples (~100mR/h). Interfaced with laser ablation, HPLC and GC
  • ICP-AES Spectro Ciros Vision (125 nm to 770 nm) for conventional metals analysis.
  • Several gas and liquid chromatographs including ion chromatographs
  • UV-visible colorimetric instruments
  • Thermo-Nicolet Fourier-transform infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR) with extensive libraries for polymer identification
  • Full capability for characterization of insulating and lubricating fluids including wear metals analyzer (rotating disk electrode spark source atomic emission spectrometer).
  • Instruments for determining power factor and dielectric breakdown of insulating fluids
  • GC-MS for organic identification and quantitation

Accreditation, Licensing and Documentation

Kinectrics’ Analytical Chemistry Laboratory is licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and can handle samples with activity with medium gamma fields (~100mR/h). Kinectrics is accredited to ISO 17025 by The Standards Council of Canada for many tests, including radiochemical tests.

Kinectrics maintains valid permits for environmental and other tests under SCC and 10 CFR 50 Appendix B. Kinectrics is registered under the ISO 9001 quality system and all work is performed under this system unless a more specific quality system applies.