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Asset Management Services for Transmission and Distribution Power System

Asset Management techniques and methodologies that enable utilities to make effective decisions in the optimization and prioritization of costs required to sustain their asset base.

Kinectrics provides unmatched practical industry expertise based on decades of experience in all aspects of the utility business including engineering, consulting, equipment testing, and technical training.

Equipment Focused Asset Management for transmission and distribution stations and lines assets involves performing Asset Condition Assessment (ACA) using Health Indexing approach to identify assets that require attention and then utilizing risk-based methodologies to develop short-term and long-term action plans.

Unlike most of Kinectrics competitors and due to in house presence of equipment experts, Kinectrics offers to its client a complete Asset Management menu of services which, in addition to ACA, enables clients with establishing optimal life cycle management of assets. These services include:

·         Establishing appropriate testing and inspections protocols throughout assets lives, including in-service commissioning

·         Facilitating end-of-life decisions (replace versus refurbish)

·         Performing incident and post-mortem investigations

·         Defining data and information requirements

·         Reviewing and improving design specifications

Over the last couple of years Kinectrics has partnered with a number of Asset Analytics Platform providers to further enhance its Asset Management service offerings. These platforms enable Kinectrics clients to integrate data/information from multiple sources, both static and in real time, to automatically update ACA results when assets condition changes due to planned or unplanned actions, and to generate customized dash boards and reports. Furthermore, Kinectrics is presently developing methodologies for using accumulated data and information to support machine learning in order to facilitate asset analytics studies.

​Strategy Focused Asset Management

Strategy Focused Asset Management services enable Kinectrics clients improve and standardize their decision making processes using customized tools and methodologies that could also be used in supporting regulatory efforts. Examples of such services include:

·       Using Investment Prioritization PROSORT tool that provides means to prioritize investments based on a consistent basis regardless of the asset categories involved by normalizing their estimated cost over resultant risk mitigation to your corporate Business Values 

·       Establishing Performance Metrics for specific lines of business to measure effectiveness, efficiency and accomplishments of investments made

·       Creating Asset Management Plan which provides a succinct summary of corporate decision making process, including power system needs and external and internal drivers that contributed to developing the Business Plan

·        Assessing state of corporate Asset Management processes as they relate to the ISO55000 standard

·        Assisting with all aspects of regulatory process, including preparation of direct evidence and supporting documentation, strategic positioning, response to interrogatories and participation in oral hearing