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Characterization of Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste

Expert support in the CANDU industry for the management of aging components to avoid unplanned outages and optimize performance.
Kinectrics has extensive experience in waste characterization based principally on the characterization of wastes from North American nuclear stations.
Activities performed by Kinectrics in the characterization of materials include the development of measurement data, overall systems assessment and theoretical modeling.
  • Sampling and characterization of low level wastes such as incinerator ash, compactable and non-processable wastes, and resins
  • Sampling and characterization of Intermediate Level resins and filters
  • Development of experimental  scaling factors for difficult-to-measure radionuclides
  • Development of theoretical scaling factors based on fission product releases from failed and tramp fuel, and based on activation considerations
  • Characterization of reactor artefacts such as feeder pipes, steam generator tubing and end fittings
  • Development of dose rate to activity conversion factors
  • In-situ gamma spectrometry of various waste packages including steam generators
  • Development of decommissioning waste inventories based on activation assessments
  • Characterization of Mixed Liquid Wastes

Waste characterization work at Kinectrics is performed by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of chemical engineers, chemists, physicists, and analytical and radio-chemists.

Work completed in the characterization of materials is carried out on-site in our Radioactive Materials Facility as well as in the field at client sites.  Waste characterization work is supported by state-of-the-art analytical facilities, which are used to develop analytical methods for any required radionuclide.