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Kinectrics conducted a case study with the CANDU Owners Group (COG) for the implementation of a method to mimic and predict the performance of reinforced concrete structures when subjected to elevated temperatures.

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Concrete Assessment and Repair (CAR)

Complete concrete assessment and repair services, from inspection to program implementation, and supported by unparalleled expertise in concrete testing technology

​Complete Cost-Effective Services

Much of North America’s electrical generating infrastructure was constructed almost 100 years ago. Many of these structures are approaching the end of their design life or, have suffered significant damage due to the effects of aggressive environment, operational wear and stresses, and defects in construction materials.

To offer clients effective solutions for concrete-related problems, Kinectrics’ services include:


  • Dedicated team of civil, geotechnical, grouting and materials specialists
  • Assessment or implementation of aging management programs
  • Comprehensive condition assessment
  • Detailed recommendations for concrete rehabilitation options
  • Technical reports
  • Detailed design and specifications
  • Construction Management

Site Investigation

  • Visual inspection and concrete assessment
  • Non-destructive testing
  • In-house drilling services

Laboratory Investigation

  • Fully-equipped laboratories
  • ISO 9001 registered
  • ACI certified technicians
  • Standard and non-standard testing capabilities

On-Site Services

In addition to extensive investigation, engineering, testing and concrete technology services, Kinectrics has a full range of specialized equipment and full time qualified personnel to provide on-site capabilities: 

  • Precision vertical drilling with tolerances < 25mm
  • Concrete and rock drilling and coring
  • Grout injection (epoxy, polyurethane, cementitious)
  • Coating Installations
  • Installation of new waterstops (grouted or precast swellable materials)
  • Instrumentation
  • Construction monitoring
  • Materials testing and qualification
  • QA/QC management

Specialized Services for the Nuclear Industry

Kinectrics offers CSA N287.7 inspection, concrete repair and maintenance services to ensure the integrity of nuclear containment structures.

  • Our highly-skilled, qualified staff perform inspections for the nuclear industry during normal operation, outages and pressure tests. Visual assessment, non-destructive evaluation testing, monitoring structure movement and recommendations for remedial actions to support ageing management concrete structures.
  • Kinectrics’ concrete laboratory performs CSA N287.2 qualification testing on materials for concrete containment structures.
  • Installation of non-metallic liners for the protection of concrete or steel, as well as containment of air and water, is playing a key role in the coating industry.  Kinectrics’ experience and testing facilities support the selection process to ensure that coating materials meet their operational environments.

Projects performed by the Kinectrics CAR group frequently involve Identification of concrete degradation mechanisms and repair solutions.