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Condition Assessment of Aged Conductors and Ground Wires

Cost-effective Management of Aging Systems

Kinectrics conducts condition assessment testing of aged conductors, ground wires, hardware, tower steel, and insulators, etc. Our capabilities include both controlled laboratory testing and in-situ field testing.

Lab test results and the input of that data into suitable models can be used with other factors to help clients take a cost-effective tiered approach to component repair and replacement on a fully-substantiated prioritized basis.

Laboratory testing provides a degree of comprehensive, detailed information that cannot be obtained by any other analytical technique. Kinectrics lab tests provide information on different characteristics and properties of the whole conductor / ground wire or on individual strands.

Complete Services:

  • Aeolian Vibration Endurance Test
  • Galloping Endurance Test
  • Sheave Passing Test
  • Torsional Ductility Test
  • Tension and Elongation at Failure Test
  • Creep Test
  • Remaining Zinc Test
  • Wrap Test
  • Visual Examination
  • Electrical Resistance Test
  • Metallurgical Examination
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Accelerated Corrosion Test