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Corona Testing of Insulators and HV Line Hardware

Advanced technology and facilities for complete, expert corona testing services

Corona testing is performed to demonstrate that an insulator or other test object will be corona free under normal field operating conditions.

New leading-edge technology

Kinectrics High Voltage (HV) Lab has recently purchased new leading-edge camera technology to expand its corona testing capabilties.

The DayCor® Superb Corona Detection System, based on UV Solar Blind Technology, is a very sensitive bi-spectral Visible-UV detection apparatus with absolute solar blind performance and high pinpointing resolution.

The new camera system identifies sources of corona, partial discharge, micro arcing, and arcing that may lead to audio noise, radio / TV interference and electrical mechanical failures.

A key advantage of the new DayCor® Superb system--which produces both video and still images--is its ability to detect corona discharges under any lighting and weather conditions.

A more efficient process

A portable, lightweight system, the DayCor® Superb Corona camera can be set up in minutes in the field as well as in Kinectrics High Voltage lab. These shorter set-up times translate directly into a more efficient overall testing process and, lower costs for the customer.

For the lab setting in particular, the system has proven especially effective in reducing test set-up times, while reliably and quickly identifying sources of undesired corona.

Comprehensive capabilities

Kinectrics tests porcelain and polymer insulators and four varieties of assemblies including:

  • Single "V" suspension assembly (3 designs)
  • Double "V" suspension assembly (2 designs)
  • Quadruple tension assembly (1 design)
  • Jumper loop support assembly (1 design)

    Kinectrics' unique HV Lab offers superior capabilities in corona testing to:

    • Determine the required test voltage(s) to be applied for accurate test results
    • Calculate operating gradients
    • Detect corona using image intensifier, Coronscope and DayCor® Corona Equipment

    Value-added service

    Through the analysis of corona test results, Kinectrics can also recommend practical modifications to enable immediate design improvements for test assemblies. Equipment may be re-tested following modifications to ensure revised designs meet all requirements.