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Successful refurbishment and return of two CANDU heat exchangers to the client after shell removal, chemical cleaning and new shell installation with the support of Kinectrics’ Analytical Chemistry Laboratory.

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Decontamination and Refurbishment Facility

A dedicated lab area for the refurbishment, repair and decontamination of active plant equipment and components.

A Unique Facility

Kinectrics provides on-site, condition assessment and outage support services to manage aging equipment and reduce the risk of unplanned, costly outages. 

Nuclear Capabilities

Our capabilities for nuclear include specialized nuclear inspection techniques such as metallographic in-situ replication, hardness measurements, visual inspections, assessment of loads / strains on structures and components, and other Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) techniques performed by experienced personnel.  
For large outage campaigns, these inspection services receive additional support from our efficient, professional project management staff. 

A Unique Facility

The Decontamination and Refurbishment Facility (DRF) has been specially designed and built at Kinectrics to meet the specific needs of the nuclear industry.
Licensed for specific work activities by the CNSC and configured as a simple, large, open
workspace, the DRF provides a complete, secure environment—with added flexibility to meet a wide range of industry needs.
Typical active plant equipment and components processed in the DRF includes valves, pumps, motors, and tools. 


When full equipment decontamination is required, Kinectrics technicians, working in concert with your technical experts, provide comprehensive services to ensure the safe, successful disassembly and decontamination of equipment, internal components and surfaces.

Repair and Refurbishment

In some cases, equipment decontamination for free release may not be possible or necessary. In these circumstances, component maintenance can take place in the DRF—supervised by fully-qualified Kinectrics radiation safety personnel—before the active plant equipment is returned to service. Testing and validation of contaminated components is safely conducted within the licensed facility before return to service. 

Radioactive Waste Management

The Kinectrics Decontamination and Refurbishment Facility is an ideal location for work which involves the consolidation and solidification of contaminated waste prior to its disposal.
Kinectrics provides extensive expertise to assist in the proper handling and disposal of waste materials produced by the decontamination and maintenance of active equipment.

DRF Specifications and Summary

Working Dimensions:  

With 200 m2 of floor area (approximately 8.5m x 23m) and a peak vertical clearance of 7m, the DRF provides a large, flexible workspace. The entrance door height of 4.25m and 3.6m width accommodates large components.