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Delivering the Nuclear Promise

Proactive Solutions to Nuclear Parts Obsolescence
Practical Obsolescence Management
Obsolescence has been recognized as an ever growing problem for the Operating Fleet.  Plants built with equipment designed and manufactured decades ago will continue to need replacement parts as plants age and manufacturers disappear from the supply chain, others manufacturers abandon their Nuclear Quality Assurance Programs.  And nearly all have modified their processes and materials to those currently available.
Typical solutions to these obsolescence issues include upgrading a nearly identical commercially- produced item, installing an alternate component or part, and resurrecting or recreating original design bases to remanufacture replacements.  Regardless of the potential options, too often obsolescence is only discovered when there is a critical need to replace an installed item. The problem can then become a crisis, especially if the item is needed for a critical or safety-related application. 
Kinectrics Proactive Approach
  • Kinectrics actively participates in industry conferences and workshops related to obsolescence and supply chain issues. 
  • We monitor industry databases, including the Obsolete Item Replacement Database (OIRD) and Proactive Obsolescence Management System (POMS) to identify common items, which are used in multiple stations and critical applications.
  • Manufacturers are monitored as well.  Whenever a new product is announced, there is a reasonable chance that an older product has become obsolete.
  • All relevant data is compiled into a market analysis to define products, which (1) have a broad application throughout the industry, (2) are installed in critical applications, and (3) require a high degree of technical expertise and effort to replace. 
  • Kinectrics will invest in producing solutions that may involve developing equivalency evaluations, creating and conducting full equipment qualification programs or, re-engineering and re-manufacturing direct replacement parts and components.

Direct Client Benefits

Delivering the Nuclear Promise involves reducing operating and maintenance costs without compromising quality.

When an obsolescence issue is allowed to become a crisis, soltuion costs skyrocket. But by proactively identifying and resolving these issues, practical soluitons can be developed in a methodical, efficient manner.

Finally, when we can solve an obsolete item challenge that will have broad applicability across the operating fleet, this justifies amortizing one-time costs across many deliverable units, thereby reducing the unit price for all.This is a lower cost solution with the same high level of quality.That's a promise worth keeping.     

Qualified Staff / Flexible Facilities
The Kinectrics Inc. US facility has the reliable, qualified staff, and flexibility to devote to unique and time-sensitive customer needs to ensure the highest quality and timely delivery of critical nuclear safety-related services and components.