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Distribution Equipment Failure Analysis (DEFACS)

Fast, accurate analysis of Distribution equipment failures, identification of the root cause, confidential results, and effective recommendations to prevent dangerous and costly reoccurrence.

Failure Analysis Services for Distribution Utilities

Kinectrics has the expert capabilities and specialized facilities to meet the failure analysis and diagnostic needs of distributing utilities. We have achieved international recognition for our state-of-the-art technology and long-term (over 35 years) experience in Distribution equipment failure analysis and forensic diagnosis.

Kinectrics’ skilled team of engineers and technologists has played a key role in the development of national industry-wide standards through the establishment and specification of Distribution equipment requirements, as well as application limitations. At Kinectrics, we know Distribution equipment and the physical environment in which it must function.

To further extend and support our distribution equipment failure analysis services, Kinectrics offers clients access to world-class High Current and High Voltage laboratories for investigative and/or follow-up testing. Our services are complemented by chemical and material laboratories for in-depth assessments and investigations.

Typical distribution equipment that Kinectrics has provided failure investigation services on are:

​Circuit Breakers
Smart Meters
​​Network Protectors ​​Cable Terminations ​​​​Relays

Kinectrics is uniquely positioned when there is a need for a more holistic approach to the investigation. This can often entail power studies support to identify transient issues, protection scheme troubleshooting, power quality analysis and many such related tools. These help to uncover issues that are hidden when examining the failed equipment in isolation. 

As the grid transitions to a digital environment, Kinectrics offers a best in class testing and failure investigation service for Smart Meters. The services include hard to pinpoint partial intermittent failure types including communication issues, transient power supply events and erroneous readings.​

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System-level, Holistic Root Cause Investigations

Kinectrics also offers forensic investigation services including expert witness testimony in cases of litigation between parties. Our highly skilled subject matter experts coupled with world class facilities and years of experience form the backbone of a successful case. Our team of experts provide written as well as verbal testimony in such matters.

Digital Smart Grid Support

Kinectrics’ many satisfied customers in this field range from utilities in power generation, to distribution as well as entities that have power distribution class equipment such as public transit authorities. We service our clients with support on your premises including distributed renewable generation sites as well as augmented with laboratory testing on our campus.

Why Kinectrics?

  • Unbiased test and consulting service
  • Deep technical background and insight based on decades on industry know-how
  • In-house experts and laboratories providing 24x7 service as needed
  • Proven history
  • Acknowledged experts in failure investigation having CEU courses on the subject
  • Leader in state-of-the-art inspection technology including LineVue
  • Equipment know-how to consult on preventive measures