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Electrical Testing

Comprehensive electrical testing services for utilities, manufacturers, and power producers—performed by industry experts working in advanced facilities.

Comprehensive services

Kinectrics helps utilities resolve equipment failures and network system outage problems to achieve cost-effective system operation, improved reliability and increased customer satisfaction. Our electrical testing services include:

  • Power apparatus commissioning
  • Independent equipment certification
  • Standard testing and development
  • Safety equipment testing
  • Revenue power metering calibrations
  • Equipment failure investigations

The Kinectrics Electrical Testing Group also undertakes engineering services related to equipment development and improvement, work methods development, and consulting for temporary grounds, line rope, live line tools, conductor monitoring tools and other devices.

High Voltage Testing

Kinectrics is fully-equipped to handle your high voltage testing needs for:

  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Power cables
  • Insulators
  • Lightning and switching impulse tests
  • Power frequency voltages

High Current Testing

Kinectrics provides a full range of independent and confidential voltage endurance tests for certification or product development requirements.

Our testing services comply with ANSI, IEEE, AEIC, NEMA, CEA, IEC and other national and international standards.

Test objects handled:

  • Insulators
  • Transformers
  • Metal-enclosed switchgear
  • Cables
  • Transmission line and station hardware
  • Arresters
  • Transmission and distribution class switches
  • Electrical insulating components
  • Electrical protective equipment
  • Safety products

Mobile Testing

Mobile Field Testing services are available 24/7 for high voltage power systems. Kinectrics’ electrical testing services for cables and electrical power equipment range from certification testing and equipment life assessment, to emergency failure analysis and fault detection.