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Failure Analysis for Metallic and Non-Metallic Generation Plant Components

Forensic examination specialists and advanced test facilities for failure analyses of metallic and non-metallic components.

Metallurgical Investigation

Component failure in any industry can be costly in terms of downtime, repair, and worker injury. Metallurgical forensic investigation pinpoints the reasons for component failure and helps prevent recurrence. With our unique field services, Kinectrics provides expert metallurgical assistance in our laboratories, or at your site. 

Comprehensive Services

Kinectrics has the broad-based technical expertise, backed by comprehensive laboratory
facilities, to offer you a complete range of metallurgical services to investigate failures and assess the condition of components for further service.
Our on-site capabilities: in-situ metallurgical inspection, including cellulose acetate replication, hardness testing, and chemical composition analysis, are employed to provide rapid answers or augment laboratory investigations.
Our team also specializes in the assessment of pipes, vessels, and associated welded joints in high temperature steam applications.

Recent Projects:

  • Support for Turbine Life Management Programs
  • Failure Analysis of Mechanical Seals
  • Failure Analysis of CANDU Fuelling Machines and Supporting Equipment
  • Elastomer Hose Failure Analysis
  • In-Situ Replication Creep