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Kinectrics outlines a client project involving a successful removal of the hottest fugitive particle in the history of nuclear power generation.

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Field Inspection Services

Expert Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Inspection Services for a wide range of generation plant assets.
Kinectrics has a highly capable and experienced Field Inspection Services team qualified to NRCAN CGSB Standard Levels 1,2,3 to meet all your plant inspection needs.
An industry leader in Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) inspection products and services, Kinectrics helps you optimize the Life Cycle Management of generation plant assets through efficient acquisition and analysis of essential inspection data.

Our progressive and efficient approach to Outage Execution includes the following principles and features:

  • Acquire accurate and quality data
  • Dedicated engineering team
  • Dedicated technical team
  • Robust training program
  • Effective equipment management program
  • Meet production schedule
  • In-depth understanding of historical inspection data
  • Rigorous readiness for Outage Execution
  • Follow 10/30/60 Minute Rule
  • Meet equipment performance standards

Recent Successes

  • Fuel Channel Outage Inspection Services- CANDU 6
  • Inaugural Feeder Inspections
  • FRILS Outage Inspections & Analysis
  • Radiation Source Removal (P4 B06, P1041)
  • TRUSTIETM Field Services – Acquisition, Analysis & Support
  • Inaugural Feeder Inspections
  • Periodic Inspection Program (PIP) Services to CSA N285.4-05– with Axiom NDT
  • UT, Phased Array, ET Inspections – with Axiom NDT
  • Field support services during CANDU Retube
  • Visual and Replica Inspections – Including Moderator Relief Ducts
  • Corrosion Debris Scrape Sampling – Prelude to metallurgical analysis
  • Gamma Scanning
  • Outage Control Centre (OCC) Staffing
  • PHT Pump Bellows Visual Inspection
  • Concrete Inspection (CSA N287.7)
  • Stack Monitoring
  • Cable Condition Inspections
  • NWMD Resin Liner Overpack
  • Dew Point and Acoustic Leak Detection for Steam Generators