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The Kinectrics GRIDSIM Power Laboratory will be a state-of-the-art, independent facility in Toronto, Canada aimed at testing smart grid systems, renewable generation equipment, and medium voltage power systems over a wide range of voltages and frequencies, and at power levels up to 12MVA.
The lab will be able to perform testing to UL 1741 SA and IEEE 1547.1. Other standards the lab will be designed to test equipment against are CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 and IEC 62109. This capability suits the interests of global utilities, developers, original equipment manufacturers, and standards organizations to research, develop, test, and certify new technologies in support of safe renewable power integration with the grid. 

The lab is funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Smart Grid Fund and Alstom.

Accelerate Inverters to Market with UL 1741 SA Certification

Inverter manufacturers can meet modern utility needs and offer compliant grid support utility interactive inverters and utility interactive inverters to customers by certifying to UL 1741 SA — thereby accelerating their products to market.

Eliminate On-site Compliance Testing

A pre-certified inverter compliant to industry standards such as UL1741 SA minimizes the need for field service support by the OEM during on-site commissioning and reduces or eliminates the need for grid compliance testing to IEEE 1547.1.

Major Project Cost Savings and Time Savings

A pre-certified inverter will deliver cost and time savings to the EPC or developer by eliminating the need to demonstrate on-site grid compliance to IEEE 1547.1. One-time type-testing of multi-megawatt inverters will soon replace costly and timely field commissioning for attaining grid compliance.

Safe Interconnection of Renewable Energy with the Grid

The interconnection of renewable energy can be a risky and intensive activity to achieve grid interoperability. Outages caused by insufficient interoperability have visibly demonstrated the impact. Pre-certification of grid support utility interactive inverters and associated DG equipment creates a more stable utility grid.​ 

Full range of Type Certifications for MV/MP Equipment

With the advent of new standards supporting renewable power integration onto the grid, distributed energy resource manufacturers must certify their parts in order to stay competitive. Kinectrics offers a complete range of type-test certifications across industries – including Rail Transit - made possible with large-scale grid simulation capabilities. 

A Vendor-Neutral Research Test Bed

Development of new grid interactive technologies, integration of DG equipment, and development of next-generation grids require test environments where test cases can be simulated to provide valuable data for real-grid scenarios.

A future focus is also on distributed controls which will allow for a distributed infrastructure capable of self-healing and significantly more intelligence at the end node. Communication using the IEC 61850 standard and leveraging Kinectrics state-of-the-art RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator) will allow for Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) studies. The aim is to allow utilities, developers, and OEMS to make more informed decisions about captial investment on the grid of tomorrow. 




Low to high power range; up to 12 MVA


600V up to 34.5 kV


45 TO 67 Hz grid simulator power supply

Test Bays

2 independent parallel circuits

DC Power

5 MW DC Power Supply

AC Resistive Load Bank

Available as needed

DC Resistive Load Bank

Available as needed

Capacitive Load Bank

Available as needed

Inductive Load Bank

Available as needed

Ancillary Services


Instrumentation, data acquisition, strong floor, craning and rigging equipment

Onsite Technical Service & Support

Yes (Field Engineers available upon request)

International Standards Compliance

UL 1741 SA, IEEE 1547.1, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 and IEC 62109-1 and -2, IEC 61683, others


·         Solar photovoltaic (PV) inverters & inverter stations

·         Wind power converters

·         Renewable energy storage systems (ESS)

·         Light rail power supply substations

·         Offshore Oil & Gas power systems

·         Industrial plant power equipment

·         Other medium voltage/medium power equipment

In 2013, Kinectrics opened a new inverter testing lab.  The facility can test up to 6 inverters in parallel and features PV array simulators for testing inverters up to 45 kW.  Testing capabilities include:

·         Inverter efficiency and MPPT

·         Power quality

·         Fault current contribution (up to 5 MW)

·         Anti-Islanding

·         Ride-through

·         Other protection functions

·         IEEE 1547.1, UL1741, and CSA C22.2 No.107.1

Additionally, Kinectrics can also test other types of generators for:

·         Power quality

·         Fault current contribution

·         Anti-Islanding

·         Ride-through

·         Other protection functions

Other Kinectrics’ services available to support DG include:

·         Grounding, bonding and Lightning Protection System (LPS) assessments

·         Advanced diagnostics and condition assessment for generators and rotating machines

·         Introductory, and technical training courses

·         Field Services – Environmental Impacts and Site Assessments 

       More DG Support

Complementing Kinectrics capabilities in Distributed Generation are high-voltage lab facilities as well as cable, transformer, and RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator) modelling and testing services. 

Lab Photos: