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Gas Insulated Substations

Expert services to ensure the safe, reliable and effective operation of GIS assets

Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) and Gas Insulated Lines (GIL) are used worldwide in all voltage classes.

Reliability, cost and condition assessment

Early GIS reliability issues have been resolved. However, rigorous care in installation and maintenance is essential, and industry standards require specialized expertise and a high level of on-site testing. A properly trained workforce can facilitate a successful experience with GIS technology.  

What can Kinectrics do?

Kinectrics offers a full range of services to support the safe, reliable and effective operation and management of GIS assets. Our capabilities include:

Testing Services

  • On-site "Hi-Pot" testing for commissioning new equipment and post-repair to ensure equipment integrity
  • Acoustic and Partial Discharge (PD) testing to help ensure GIS are free of common defects
  • SF6 gas sample analysis to diagnose problems and facilitate safe working conditions

 Consulting Services

  • Failure investigations
  • Technical consultations related to very fast transients, EMI and other technical issues
  • SF6 issues - Gas-handling and environmental aspects - decomposition by-products--work procedures
  • Training - Kinectrics technical courses can be customized to meet specific client needs  
SF6 Gas Issues
SF6 is a strong greenhouse gas--SF6 in the upper atmosphere is about 23, 000 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Careful adherence to SF6 procedures, leak and inventory monitoring, and overall process management is the norm within industry. In addition, SF6 can decompose when exposed to an electrical discharge, resulting in toxic by-products, which require special procedures and protective gear for worker protection.