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Kinectrics outlines a client project involving a successful removal of the hottest fugitive particle in the history of nuclear power generation.

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Inspection and Maintenance Systems (IMS) Overview

Innovative NDE Tooling and Services to facilitate Life Cycle Management of Key Generation Plant Assets.
Kinectrics’ IMS team has in-depth capabilities in the supply of specialized NDE tooling and services to the electricity generation industry.
Our experts have decades of experience meeting the diverse requirements of customers in nuclear utilities worldwide. 
The Kinectrics IMS Team is organized in the following Service Lines, which work together cohesively to provide turnkey inspection tools and services: 

NDE Tooling Development 

We provide cradle-to-grave tooling development capabilities to engineer new tools – from concept design studies through to detailed design, fabrication, testing, qualification and post-delivery support. Recent successes include: 
  • Hot Particle Retrieval
  • Circumferential Wet Scrape Tool (CWEST)*
  • Calandria TubeSheet Bore (CTSB) Inspection Tool 
  • Rolled Joint Leak Test Tool (RJLTT)
  • Bellows Visual Inspection Recorder (B-VIR)
  • Feeder Internal Delivery System (FIDS) 

Inspection Tool Parts & Services

In addition to the development of new and unique NDE tooling systems, we provide ongoing support for existing inspection tools through the supply of parts, components and on-site tool support services which include:
  • TRUSTIETM systems, components and parts
  • CWEST cutter cartridges, flasks and components
  • ANDE, CIGAR & TSS tool transducers and probes
  • SLAR Linear Induction Motors (LIM), Hydraulic
  • Carts and LCC Calibration Services
  • 6-Pack tools, transducers and parts
  • State-of-the-art Machining & Prototyping capabilities
  • Zone 3 radioactive laboratory for tooling maintenance
  • Inspection Qualification and Performance Demonstration

Field Inspection Services

Kinectrics has a highly capable and experienced Field Inspection Services team qualified to NRCAN CGSB Standard Level 1,2,3 to meet your plant inspection needs. Our extensive field inspection experience includes: 
  • Fuel Channel Outage Inspection Services- CANDU6
  • Inaugural Feeder Inspections
  • TRUSTIETM Field Services – Acquisition, Analysis & Support
  • Inaugural Feeder Inspections
  • Periodic Inspection Program (PIP) Services
  • Field support services during CANDU Retube
  • Outage Control Centre (OCC) Staffing
  • PHT Pump Bellows Visual Inspections
  • FRILS Outage Inspections & Analysis
  • Concrete Inspection (CSA N287.7)
  • Dew Point and Acoustic Leak Detection for Steam Generators
* not available for sale outside of Canada until after November 30, 2027​