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Kinectrics Portable HEPA Test Cart

Providing Assurrance and Reliability for your PHEAF Program

Kinectrics’ new innovative HEPA Vacuum Test Cart is essentially operator independent, produces consistently repeatable results, and generates virtually no waste. Recent, extensive preliminary in-service testing using the Kinectrics HEPA Test Cart design indicates a 5-10% rate of failure for HEPA vacuums currently in use, or in units received for routine service from the manufacturer.

  • Practical design for easy testing of portable HEPA vacuum systems up to 4000SCFM
  • Kinectrics HEPA Test Cart can be modified or adapted to accommodate individual  vacuum system  requirements
  •     Adaptable to any HEPA manufacturer models, e.g. standard Nilfisk® models
  •     Applicable for vertical, horizontal portable air filter devices, movable or hand held vacuums
  • Safe for radioactive work areas with easy cleanup
  • Fully portable system for transport to in situ testing locations
  • Programmable visual and audible alarms on HEPA failure
  • System can be vented directly to active or inactive ventilation to keep workspaces clean
  • Easily repeatable, operator-independent results
  • Generates no appreciable waste
  • Flow rate measurement to verify vacuum motor performance
    Qualified Service Support
    Annual certification / testing services are available on request for all in-service vacuums
    Testing to ISO 9001 certified instrumentation and procedures
    Direct client benefits
    Reduce potential worker exposure
    Provides continuous improvement for operation and ALARA initiatives