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LIRA® - Line Resonance Analysis

Non-destructive low voltage technology to detect, localize and characterize subtle impedance changes in a cable system

Kinectrics adds LIRA® (Line Resonance Analysis) to the cable condition assessment portfolio​

Kinectrics is the leading provider of EHV/HV/MV/LV cable condition assessment services. We pride ourselves of providing independent laboratory and field services with the most advances technologies available globally. Our comprehensive collection of advanced diagnostic tools is constantly evolving; this means our clients have continuous access to cutting edge technologies along with outstanding engineering know how.  We are the segment leader in Partial Discharge testing; by remaining technology independent we utilize the best and ever evolving sensing and acquisition technologies to pin point cable defects. In addition to our  PD expertise, we are the only service provider to offer a comprehensive array of tests in addition to Partial Discharge, such as Dielectric Loss Tangent Delta, Dielectric Spectroscopy, Time Domain Reflectometry and  Neutral Resistance Measurements to name a few.  We are pleased to announce that we have added LIRA® to our portfolio of services as of September 2017.

LIRA® is a non-destructive low voltage assessment technology. It utilizes Frequency-domain reflectometry (FDR) to detect, localize, and characterize subtle impedance changes in a cable system. FDR is based on the interaction of electromagnetic waves with conductors and dielectric materials as they propagate along the cable. The technique uses the principles of transmission-line theory to locate and quantify impedance changes in the cable circuit. These impedance changes can result from connections, faults in the conductors, or degradation in the cable polymer material.  In conjunction to other advanced diagnostics this tool can shed light on the bulk (global) insulation condition as well as localize defect identification. 

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