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LOCA Testing - Steam Test Facility

New advanced steam facility offering expanded LOCA, and other testing capabilities for the nuclear industry

Kinectrics'  expanded test facility, located in its Mechanical Testing Laboratory, permits close control of steam conditions to meet IEEE-323 margin standards while minimizing over-test during simulations.

Steam Test Facility Specifications:

Chamber A: The existing chamber is oriented horizontally: A 3 ft. x 5 ft. long, 500 deg., 150 psig, general purpose horizontal chamber used for cables on mandrels, small electrical enclosures, valves and small actuators, electrical and mechanical devices.

Chamber B: The new upgraded LOCA chamber is 4 ft. x 6 ft. in a horizontal configuration with spray capability and submergence ad is registered at 500 deg., 150 psig. The chamber is flexible and will also accommodate samples in a vertical orientation of 4 ft. x 5 ft.

Chamber C: An existing chamber oriented vertically: this chamber is not currently outfitted with spary and submergence capabilities. It is a 5 ft. dia. and 8 ft. high, 550 deg.F. and 130 psig, vertical chamber used for motor control centers, large actuators and motors.

All chambers are fitted with penetrations to allow for functional testing (mechanical and electrical) throughout the test.

Kinectrics facility chambers can be fabricated for almost any component's configuration, providing the advantage of conducting tests in an optimally-sized vessel to maximize thermal performance during the steam tests.