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Mechanical Testing Lab Services For Nuclear

An established independent full-service testing facility capable of comprehensive testing for all forms of engineered equipment for power generation, transmission and distribution and other fields which use high performance structures and components.

Complete Mechanical Testing Facilities

Components are off-loaded by a 5 ton or 20 ton crane into the main mechanical lab test area, which houses a full collection of equipment ranging from standard universal test units to high-speed fatigue machines. 

Strong Floor for Heavy Equipment 

In the main laboratory, using hydraulic actuators and load frames, very large and heavy components are tested on a “strong floor”. The strong floor consists of anchor points embedded in a reinforced floor structure, and allows tension, compression and shear loading of major components. Dynamic and static loads of up to 1,200,000 lb. (5400 kN) can be achieved on this floor.

Components are also tested in the Mechanical Testing Laboratory under varying environmental conditions in a specialized Environmental Chamber. Loads can be applied to components while enduring environmental conditions which range from  -60oC to +90oC. Humidity can be varied from 20% to 95% with temperatures ranging from 20oC to 85oC. 

Seismic Testing Services

Kinectrics mechanical testing areas are fully equipped with state-of-the art electromagnetic shakers and hydraulic actuators, servo-hydraulic controllers, transducers, instrumentation and data acquisition systems.  

Specialized Testing for Transmission & Distribution Components

The Kinectrics Mechanical Lab is a versatile testing facility which also houses a specialized Conductor Dynamics Laboratory equipped for studies such as Aeolian vibration, galloping, fatigue, self-damping and creep tests on overhead conductors, skywires and fibre optic cables.  
Special rigs are also available to perform fatigue or damping tests on vibration and spacer dampers.