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Metrology Laboratory

Comprehensive electrical and limited mechanical metrology services for calibrating high technology instrumentation to national and international measurement standards for a wide range of North American industries.

Superior Calibration Services

Kinectrics provides quality electrical equipment calibration services to comply with Section 11 instrumentation requirements for ISO 9001 registration, or to support your operation’s ongoing best business practices to meet national and international standards. Kinectrics’ calibration capabilities include full flexibility in the parameters to be calibrated, supported by comprehensive detailed reports and certificates of calibration. We offer fast turnaround and competitive pricing.

Kinectrics’ Electrical Metrology Lab has supported major electrical utilities for several decades and has the capability to manage all of your calibration needs. Our calibration programs are designed to meet ISO 17025 and ISO 10012-1 requirements.

Quality electrical metrology services are available at our facility in Toronto, or in some cases, are provided directly at your site. We offer fast response with next day service on assignments of smaller scope, to two-week turnaround for larger assignments.

Our turnkey service includes all aspects of electrical metrology from assessing the needs for instrumentation calibration, to issuing recall notices as your instrumentation becomes due for re-calibration.  

Value-Added Client Benefits 

  • Superior, long-term engineering experience in calibration techniques, precision measurements and electrical metering
  • Environmentally controlled state-of-the-art electric metrology laboratory traceable to national and international measurement standards
  • We meet national, international and custome-specified quality assurance standards
  • Availability for a variety of instruments
  • Prompt turnaround service at competitive prices
  • On-site calibration of High Voltage systems; minimize downtime and potential losses due to shipping damage; eliminate shipping, freight and packaging costs

Contact us for complete details on specifications and calibration capabilities.