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Mussel Fouling Control

Advanced scientific techniques and innovative technologies designed by industry specialists to effectively control mussel fouling in generation plant facilities.

Prevention of Industrial Mussel Fouling

Proactive treatments for mussel control supplied by Kinectrics help generation clients prevent process interruptions, equipment de-ratings and shutdowns. These mussel control treatments ensure the continued integrity and availability of plant safety-related systems.

Environmental Solutions by Kinectrics

To be successful, mussel fouling control methods must meet several key criteria:

  • Effectively prevent industrial process interruptions, equipment de-ratings and shutdowns caused by mussel fouling
  • Ensure that the integrity and availability of safety-related systems is not compromised
  • Have minimal impact on the environment

Kinectrics’ mussel monitoring techniques have proved to be successful for nuclear and fossil generating stations whose cooling and service water systems depend on raw water from the Great Lakes, where zebra and quagga mussels are the most pervasive.

Complete Services

Kinectrics provides a full range of environmental services for mussel fouling control.   Our capabilities include:

Contract Research or Testing and Evaluation

  • Bio-monitoring of raw water systems for mussels
  • Monitoring of mussel control system performance
  • Design and implementation of mussel control techniques
  • Consultation on mussel biology, optimization of chlorine treatment, mechanical filtration, acoustical applications, UV applications and anti-fouling coatings

Environmental Research Facility

  • Unique, continuous once-through flow cell system
  • Abundant supply of veliger and adult mussels available
  • Control of water velocity and residency times in each flow cell to simulate the environments of mussels that infest raw water systems
  • Control and monitoring instrumentation (temperature, velocity, chemical concentration, veliger density)
  • Custom-designed applications

Advanced Scientific Capabilities

  • Zebra Mussel Biology

    • Larval and adult biology
    • Veliger counting
    • Behavioral response to mussel fouling control treatments and fluid dynamics
    • Substrate preference
  • Chemical Control Evaluation

    • Efficacy testing of novel molluscidides
    • Optimization of chemical use
    • New mussel control technologies
  • Physical Control Evaluation

    • Anti-fouling coatings
    • New filtration technologies
    • Acoustical treatment
    • UV and ionizing irradiation
    • Electric shock
    • Thermal shock